Ricky Paul

Writer and admin

Denver, CO

I’m Ricky, and I write things.  Not bios usually, but my best friend from college/boss told me I had to write this one.

After churning out two bad, unpublished novels, I decided to go respectable, and I got a job as an engineer, only to be hired by my friends Jackson and Jon as an overseer of written content for and steady contributor to The Beans and Rice.

But I told them I wouldn’t do it unless I could stay rough and badly behaved, and they told me that’s what TBAR was all about.  So we don’t write copy, and we don’t do puff pieces, because no one wants to read that shit anyway, and maybe you’ll find some language here that might not appear on the annual holiday greeting card from your Aunt Crystal in Des Moines, but our mission will be to produce creative, captivating, and curated written content for our clients, our readers, and ourselves.  That starts and ends with me.

Email: ricky@thebeansandrice.com