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Media Package



This is our custom package platform that gives you the freedom to select media type, style and quantity. Built through communication and collaboration, your final deliverable will be based on a consultation with our Creative Director and produced to meet your specific preferences. Photography, videography, instagram campaigns, product reviews, brand collaborations, editorials, photo essays—we can do it all.  Our pricing is completely transparent, broken down into Production Costs and Licensing Fees.



  • Highly Tailored Content

  • Custom Deliverable

  • Flexible Licensing

  • Phone Consultations

  • Firm Delivery Date


our flagship

Image package



Every month we dream up epic trips and take care of all the nitty gritty details - things like dates, travel logistics, permitting, talent, and production expenses.

You just have to pick the trip that best meets your needs.

For more details on our upcoming trips, please email or click the ‘Book Now’ button above.



  • Pre-planned Trips

  • Set Image Deliverable

  • Social Media, Web, Internal Print License

  • Additional License Al La Carte

  • Firm Delivery Date


our sneaky way of getting you hooked on exceptional images

support package



  • Three Image Deliverable

  • Instagram Use License

  • Firm Delivery Date