Mae Frances, Photographer - The Beans and Rice Commercial Outdoor Adventure & Lifestyle Content

Mae Frances


Denver, CO

Yo, I'm Mae. I was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and have lived in Colorado for nearly seven years. Where I'm from and how I was brought up play a huge role in my creative drive as a photographer and as a human being. Yada yada, childhood story coming your way.

I grew up in the sticks, in a very small town, down a very long dirt road, far from civilization, with no cell service. Nature was literally my playground. Sitting inside watching TV or playing video games was unheard of. Exploration was the name of the game in our household. 

While I dug my heals in as a child, I look back with profound appreciation for my parents, their "get after it" energy, and their genuine respect and love for the outdoors and traveling. Their greatest gift has been instilling that love into me. Wipe tear.

So how does that relate to my style? You guessed it, I'm inspired by nature. I think I'm the first photographer to ever say that.

Ok ok, for real. Authentic people and honest adventure make me tick. Honest in the way that you aren't doing it for anyone else. No frills, no fancy posing, just real people, doing real shit.
Candid, genuine, dirtbag, messy, real. This theme runs true through all of my work.

I'm not out here looking for "clients", I'm out here to build relationships with like minded individuals. To get to know you or your brand on a personal level, to understand your vision, and become friends. Friends who enjoy craft beer and borderline inappropriate humor.