Jackson Fox, Marketing Director - The Beans and Rice Commercial Outdoor Adventure & Lifestyle Content

Jackson Fox

Co-founder / marketing Director

The greatest epiphany of my adult life has been the shattering realization that everyone is flying by the seat of their pants. When you are growing up, your perspective of adulthood is one of a world that is perfectly structured and driven by beautiful and immutable systems. The reality is that our subsistence is like childhood; there is no straight path to follow because life is dynamic and messy, we are all just trying to find our own way. Is this coming-of-age awareness a hardship… or, is it an invitation into creativity?

I have experience in a range of industries and working environments and I am a champion of flying by the seat of my pants, faking it til’ I make it and going from zero to hero.

I love marketing, the outdoors and building brand/client relationships. The Beans and Rice started between two college buddies in wetsuits floating together between sets off the coast North Carolina in the Outer Banks. TBAR for short, is a grassroots media production company designed to fuel our travel adventures. Surf trips, road trips, backcountry snowboarding and fly fishing; we use our personal fun as platforms for authentic adventure lifestyle photography.

Hit me up! jackson@thebeansandrice.com