aw shucks, thanks for caring


the secret sauce

You see, here at TBAR, we believe that super powers are real. Some folks can spit really far, some can backflip motorcycles, and some.. well some were born with the psyche of a logistics mastermind perfect for outdoor recreating. #blessed


proof’s in the puddin’

And we make really good puddin’ ya’ll. In this case pudding equates to a breakdown of our packages aka deliverables aka the file we send you that will be choc full of kick ass outdoor content.


the guiding spirit

We joke a lot. Like, A LOT. But at the end of the day, our work means the world to us. This is how we measure ourselves. Be warned: it’s wordy.


the adventure fueled heathens

These are the talented, adventure havin’, whiskey swiggin’, nature lovin’ creatives that are going to bust their asses for ya. Guaranteed.



Photo essays, reviews, how-to's, you know.. typical blog stuff.